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  • Would you like to share your experience and expertise with African entrepreneurs? We are looking for experience experts to evaluate and monitor projects.
  • Would you like to coach an African entrepreneur, by participating in a boostcamp in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal or Benin)?  An experience that makes a difference for the African entrepreneur, but it is also fascinating and enriching for you!

I am the managing director of an insurance company in Belgium. Being a coach is above all about getting to know the entrepreneur who applies to OVO for growth and financing. It’s a very enriching experience, very nice contacts. It’s amazing to have such a deep relationship because we really get into the privacy of the entrepreneur’s life. I coach two different Senegalese entrepreneurs. Contacts are mainly made through Teams and Whatsapp. I particularly value the human interaction and brainstorming. For example, I’m not a farmer, I am not a livestock farmer. I have to take an interest, put myself in the shoes of a local entrepreneur who does not have the same codes. So you can learn a lot through these interactions. It just needs a bit of structure but OVO is there to provide the context. There are plenty of people to answer your questions. A whole range of help and tools are indeed provided. OVO is a good way to get a jump on North-South relations. With a whole series of contacts. Anyone can do it!

Christophe Degauquier

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