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Ondernemers voor Ondernemers vzw
Willem de Croylaan 58 bus 4022
3001 Heverlee
BE12 2300 0606 0092

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Björn Macauter
General manager
Karen Peersman
Manager Team Matchmaking
Nathalie Schots
Manager Team Projects
Matyas Boyen
Manager Team Monitoring & Evaluation
Contact Anne-Lise
Anne-Lise Passelecq
Manager Team Support
Contact Georges
Georges Claes
Team Support (volunteer)
Contact Brian
Brian Mangeni
Team OVO Uganda
Contact Benoit
Benoit Iradukunda
Team OVO Rwanda
Contact Felly
Felly Zake
Team OVO Uganda
Contact Daha
Daha Diallo
Coordinator OVO Senegal
Contact Geoffroy
Geoffroy Mele
Team Investment
Contact Abdoulaye
Abdoulaye Diop
Team OVO Senegal
Raymond Emanzi
Joseph Ekellot

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