Employee approaching retirement?

A company's strength relies on its employees. As they approach retirement, you naturally want to assist them in transitioning from active careers to a period of leisure and a multitude of fresh opportunities.


Numerous early retirees seek ways to make the most of their time, with some feeling a strong desire to contribute to society.


Are you in a situation that resonates with this? Are you part of an HR department looking to enhance the support for your soon-to-retire staff?


We have an appealing proposition for you: consider inviting your employees who are nearing retirement to become volunteers, experts, or coaches within our organization. This will enable them to engage in purposeful volunteering within a professional context.


OVO in 2 sentences:

Local entrepreneurship is a driver for greater opportunity. Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs - OVO for short - strengthens sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa. We seek Belgian entrepreneurs, companies and investors who support these projects with expertise and resources. 


OVO wouldn't be OVO without its dedicated volunteers. Being a rapidly growing organization, we're constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals eager to share their knowledge and experience.


Volunteers remain active and feel valued. They get to broaden their network and gain valuable insights. You'll connect with volunteers from various backgrounds, spanning different ages, African entrepreneurs, students, and colleagues.


There are numerous opportunities for volunteering, whether it's coaching African entrepreneurs or contributing to our operational teams in areas such as marketing, communication, legal services, or finance.


Do you feel like this message is for you? We'd be delighted to talk about the practical details or explore other ways we can work together. Do not hesitate and contact us at: anne-lise@ovo.be.

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