Become an ambassador

As a committed entrepreneur, you probably also believe that the private sector is a key driver of socio-economic development. Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs (OVO) strengthens sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa. And seeks Belgian entrepreneurs, companies and investors who support these projects with expertise and resources.


There are still many companies and entrepreneurs in Belgium who share the same values, but know us too little or not at all. Therefore, we would like to appeal to you to make OVO better known to your circle of acquaintances. In this context, we would like to ask you to actively promote our organization and operations as an "ambassador".


Specifically, we are thinking of two possibilities:


1.   Your introduction of our organization to potentially interested people within your relations - company managers, suppliers, acquaintances. Afterwards, we will gladly pay them a visit without any obligation.


2.   We are also looking for new volunteer-consultants. The profile we are looking for -see enclosed leaflet- is that of people with management experience, who are about to retire and who share our conviction and want to commit themselves to this cause. Perhaps you even have these people in your company?


We would greatly appreciate it if you would like to help us in some way as an ambassador. If you give us a call, we would be happy to look into this with you. Feel free to contact us.


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