Kigali Bricks supplies sustainable building materials

100% financed
Already raised € 9.000
Requested budget 2023 € 9.000
Project information
Project code
M2 (2023)
Kigali, Rwanda

The entreprise

Kigali Bricks is a sustainable family business specializing in sustainable brick production for the region. They aim to scale up to meet high demand, which exceeded their initial capacity. Despite starting just before the pandemic, they managed to bridge the gap with their own resources. In 2022, their production figures showed significant growth.

The business is led by Immaculé, Herve Hodari, and their driven, future-oriented team, emphasizing sustainability, the environment, and people's well-being

The business project

The business project aims to increase production by acquiring a machine capable of manufacturing a higher quantity of bricks per day, facilitating their scale-up plans.


One positive implication of this project is that the drying process for the stones will be significantly reduced, from 5 days to just 2 days, thanks to the implementation of the new machine.


However, a potential issue that arises is the risk of rain, which could potentially damage the bricks. To mitigate this risk, a storage solution is required to protect the bricks during unfavourable weather conditions.

Why OVO believes in this project

We believe in this project due to the exceptional drive and commitment of the team, the government-supported demand for stones, and their commendable sustainability focus. With their own resources, intelligence, and entrepreneurship, they are poised for success.


This project offers opportunities to meet the high demand for stones, create regional employment, and supply sustainable products. The availability of raw materials like clay and the potential for supplementary employment during the agricultural off-season enhance its prospects. Located in Kigali, the project benefits from a skilled workforce and a strong regional customer base.

Requested investment

The company is seeking a loan amount is €9000 (to be repaid over 2 years). The loan will be used to build a roof for their stocking place, where they store the bricks.

  • Construction industry
  • Gemeenschapsvormend
  • Income generating
  • Locally based
  • Climate-control
  • Sustainable
  • Viable
  • Scalable
  • Empowerment
  • Well-being

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