Lysa & Co, producing innovative and healthy food products from Senegalese nuts

100% financed
Already raised € 25.000
Requested budget 2023 € 25.000

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Project information
Project code
L10 (2022)
Agriculture & Food industry
Dakar region, Senegal
SusTech4Africa Senegal 2021

Sylvie is still reaping the benefits of OVO coaching 2 years later! See her testimony in video

The entreprise

In 1982, Lydia Sagbo started the company SENAR (SENegal ARachide) with the aim of commercialising the sale of peanuts. In 2015, her daughter Sylvia Sagbo (Master in finance and capital markets and with many years of experience as a financial consultant in Paris) joined the company.  In 2017, with the help of Teranga Capital (an African investment fund sponsored by 'Investisseurs & Partenaires', I&P), LYSA & CO SAS was established as the owner of the brand name 'SENAR Les Délices Lysa'. Currently, the company employs +/- 30 people of which 85% are women; converting cashew nuts into various processed food products.

The business project

Lysa & Co's mission is to provide healthy, tasty and innovative food products based on local Senegalese nuts and traditional production processes, without the addition of fats, preservatives or colourings. They therefore stand for 100% natural ingredients, 100% traditional production processes and 100% Senegalese manufacturing.  


The current products are sold through different "channels":  

  • Modern Trade: supermarkets (CASINO, AUCHAN, EXCLUSIVE, CITYDIA, etc.), petrol stations and tourist shops (hotels, restaurants, airport, Air Senegal)
  • "Tradi Trade": small local shops, itinerant sales and family shops
  • There are even exports to Europe (Germany, France).

Why OVO believes in this project

This project is a true scale-up. An existing company that successfully produces and sells its processed and healthy food products wants to invest in a new complementary product line to diversify its offering to its customers.   The fact that Teranga Capital (an African investment fund) is involved also gives an additional 'good feeling' about their business and its management.

Requested investment

The company is seeking an investment of CFAF 16.4 million (= €25,000), which is needed for the installation of a new production line, i.e. machinery and equipment, in order to diversify its products. OVO will provide a loan at an interest rate of 7% per annum, repayable in half-yearly instalments over a three-year period.

  • Income generating
  • Locally based
  • Women
  • Empowerment

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