OVO Acceleration Fund

Quick loans for sustainable projects

The OVO Acceleration Fund provides affordable, tailor-made loans to African start-ups with a sustainable impact. Not donations, in other words, but repayable funds that entrepreneurs need to realise their ambitious growth.


The goal? To help African entrepreneurs do even better. Good ideas cannot always wait long for money. Sometimes the opportunity is over before the recruitment process is complete. Through the OVO Acceleration Fund, entrepreneurs can quickly borrow a limited amount of money. When the social loan is paid off, the sum ends up back in the fund for new projects of new enterprises. In this way, OVO can ensure sustainable impact. Thanks in part to this approach, OVO won the 'European Business Award for the Evironment'.

Fuel for accelerated growth

Specifically, the OVO Acceleration Fund manages donations from individuals and companies. Those who invest money receive a tax certificate for it. Companies with African projects can take out a loan of up to EUR 25,000 from the fund with an interest rate of 7 to 9 per cent and a term of 3 to 5 years. OVO only invests in companies with acceptable risk. Control and follow-up is in the hands of employees and partners of the organisation. OVO operates on the basis of a one-off operating cost of 5% of the total investment amount.


In 2022, individuals will receive 45% tax relief for a donation to recognised charities. So a donation of €5,000 will in reality cost only €2,750. Companies can deduct donations to recognised charities for tax purposes, thus paying less taxes.

Both individuals and companies receive a tax certificate from the King Baudouin Foundation starting from 40 euros.
Find out more about the OVO Acceleration Fund, discover the projects of start-ups or read the frequently asked questions.

You want to support African entrepreneurs too, right?

Donate now to the OVO Acceleration Fund. From a donation of 40 euros, you will receive a tax certificate from the King Baudouin Foundation.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you can do so on account number BE10 0000 0000 0404 stating the structured code ***018/0530/00002***.

If you wish to pay by bank card, you can easily do so clicking here.

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