Punda offers preventive under-housing services with emphasis on sustainable products for local construction market

100% financed
Already raised € 14.000
Requested budget 2023 € 14.000

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Project information
Project code
Services and Informatics
Project duration
3 years

The entreprise

Created in 2021 and managed by Lys Roberta Sangwe and Felix Sebanyana Rubanda, Punda’s vision is to be a quality ensured service provider in maintenance/repairs services in residential property and offices beside being a provider of an e-commerce webtool to sell building materials. Punda wants to focus on the increasing technical needs for maintenance services or procurement webtool for building materials for property owners and individual builders.

The business project

Still in the startup process, Punda will during the first 3 years focus on Kigali households/contractors. An extension to other regions and or other type of buildings is conditioned to the revenue/profit level of Punda. The initial target group for maintenance/repair services is defined based on an area analyze, on the type of income level, type of housing, and age of the buildings (renovation/new construction). 


The e-commerce set up (which has already been active since august 2022) will focus on the main construction hubs/contractors and individual builders.


After a stable growth during the first 3 years, Punda wants to concur the b2b segment for maintenance and repair services. This b2b market captures hotels, restaurants, and communities. This approach requires another marketing set up and overall strategy which will be developed in the 3rd year.

Why OVO believes in this project

Punda is a very interesting project. The idea of starting an overall maintenance company for residential projects has been extended during the preparation period with an e commerce set up for construction materials. Together they are economically viable with a social and environmental impact.


The enterprise is set to bring a positive social and environmental impact. Maintenance operations with the right tools and materials will reduce the waste and energy consumption. The sale of selected construction tools as alternative for the standard available materials will have an impact on environmental results.


The employment of workers with an employment contract will create a social impact for the workers, especially for finance eligibility and social security access.  The workers in the maintenance/repair division will be hired on a fix base after a try out period of 3 months. From year 2 the operations generate a net profit.

Requested investment

PUNDA would like to obtain from OVO a loan of EUR 14,000 at a rate of 7%. This loan is repayable in semi-annual installments with a grace period of 18 months for the first fraction of the capital. Reimbursement will be done in 3 calendar years. The loan will mainly be used for the purchase of tools for maintenance, a minimum stock of materials and for financing the startup costs of the company.

  • Renovation and repair
  • Construction industry
  • Income generating
  • Sustainable

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