OVO, VITO and the Thomas More University to create a landmark with the organisation of the first Sustainable Technology for Africa contest in Uganda. This major competition wants to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. The event takes place during the September-November timeframe in Kampala, Uganda.






The three partners, Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (OVO), Vlaams Instituut voor Technologisch Onderzoek (VITO) and Thomas More university, wants to expand their experience of similar events in Belgium about Sustainable Technology for Africa. For the first time this competition will take place in Africa with a premier venue in Uganda.

The SusTech4Africa event wants to enforce entrepreneurs and scale-ups creating innovative and sustainable products and services. The competition aims to build strong relationships between entrepreneurs, generating viable and in-depth business plans while enhancing the tools to scale-up the different players. Furthermore, the SusTech4Africa competition can be the canvas to conquer a social loan and open doors to technological expertise.

How do we proceed?

Do you feel your company can apply for the SusTech4Africa competition? Together with your online application (via google form or e-mail) you do submit a digital pitch presenting your project in a timeframe of max 5 minutes.

A panel of experts will choose the 10 most promising projects. If your project is selected it will be part of a one week journey, including workshops, a masterclass and a boot camp uplifting your business plan, marketing spearheads and presentation skills. You will be assisted by experts who will give you all the necessary tips and tricks. At the end of the ride you may pitch your project to an audience of potential investors. The 3 winners of this competition can gain a potential investment capital in the form of a social loan and get a long-term access to business and technological expertise.

To be able to participate in the “Sustainable Technology for Africa” ​​competition, your project must fulfil a number of conditions:

What are we looking for?

  • Your business idea includes the use of sustainable technology (resource conservation, reuse and recycling, energy efficiency, minimizing environmental impact, pollution reduction…), or contributes to a transition to a more sustainable society or economy (access to affordable healthcare for everybody, access to education…) through the use of technology,
  • The investment will have a positive ecological, social and/or economic impact within 3 to 5 years,
  • Location of the economic activity is Uganda.
  • The necessary investment in the company amounts between EUR 5,000 and EUR 50,000.

Who can submit?

A company that

  • wants to scale up or become more sustainable,
  • has been minimum 1 year registered as a formal business,
  • is or will be profitable preferable within 3 years after establishment,
  • creates social impact (create jobs, employ disadvantaged groups, offer needed services/goods for the lower class…),
  • has a (preliminary) business plan,
  • will invest at least 25% itself of the needed investment capital.


  • August 06, 2018: launch call for projects
  • September 28, 2018: deadline application hand in
  • October 15, 2018: Announcement selected projects. If your project is selected, you will be invited to participate in the workshop, masterclass and the boot camp.
  • November 22, 2018: Workshop Inspiration and masterclass Business Model (Re) Engineering @ Kampala (venue to be decided)
    • What is sustainable technology? What can it mean for your business? What kind of collaboration is possible to become more sustainable and innovative?
    • Rethink your own business model to make your business stronger and more sustainable.
  • November 23-24, 2018: Boot Camp @ Kampala (venue to be decided)
    • During the Boot Camp you will be immersed in entrepreneurship for 2 days. With the help of (junior and senior) coaches you will further develop your idea and develop a business pitch.
    • Sort of pocket MBA organized around 8 modules
  • November 27, 2018: Final Pitch Event @ Kampala (venue to be decided): At this event you will present an elaborated pitch of your business idea to an audience of potential investors. A jury of experts will choose the winners.


Terms and conditions

More info and updates: Sustech4Africa

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