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"Your commitment is our strenght"

At OVO, we select, mentor, finance and monitor African businesses and organizations to help achieve their goals. OVO would not be OVO without our volunteers. As a growing organization, we are always looking for inspired employees who want to share their knowledge and experience.


Do you enjoy working in a support role, or do you feel better with more responsibility, do you see yourself in an organizational role, or would you rather coach companies, there are several ways you can contribute. Do you only have 1 day a week, or would you like to contribute daily, there is plenty of work, all efforts are appreciated. Together we can see in which team you can feel at home and where you can best use your experience. This can be in the operational team, team sales, team communications, team events or team investments. In each team we are looking for different profiles.


For our Matchmakers team

  • We are urgently looking for volunteers who want to help spread our story enthusiastically. Cooperation and the search for a Win-Win are central to this.
  • Do you like going on the road with us, do you like doing research, or would you rather cooperate in preparing files for sponsors, we would love to include you in our team!
  • Experience is not a requirement, enthusiasm is.

For our Events team

  • Our events team can use reinforcement in the development, conception and organization of events. If you prefer to work behind the scenes, your help is also welcome. 

For our Operations team

  • Are you an administrative jack-of-all-trades for whom Word, Excel or Powerpoint hold no secrets? Our permanent team could really use your help!
  • If you have experience in HR and/or training, you can help organize and develop training for our volunteers.
  • Our portfolio manager is looking for someone who likes working with numbers, to support him in the financial and content monitoring of the project portfolio.
  • If you are someone who gets happy with procedures and KPIs, we have plenty of opportunities to get started with them.
  • If you are curious and know your way around the Internet, you can help us set up a study service.
  • Do you have experience in data mining and interested in joining the back office?
Are you a student? We've got something for you: it's over here


For our Communication team

  • If you have experience in directing and editing videos, you are our man/woman who can provide cool audiovisual material to share on social media, in presentations and on our website.
  • English, Fran├žais, you're a native speaker? Then you are the perfect person to translate and/or proofread our texts.
  • We are looking for someone to manage and input texts and data on our website.
  • If you have a creative pen, we would like to welcome you to our team of jour nalists to write occasional articles about OVO or our projects.

For our Coaching team

  • Would you like to share your experience and expertise with African entrepreneurs? We are looking for experience experts to evaluate and monitor projects.
  • Would you like to coach an African entrepreneur, by participating in a boostcamp in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal or Benin)?  An experience that makes a difference for the African entrepreneur, but it is also fascinating and enriching for you!

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What's in it for you?


+ You are part of a network of < 90 volunteers from all backgrounds and professional fields.


+ You benefit from training, workshops and conferences


+ You will receive professional support from a small core of permanent staff and experts


+ You'll be part of a community committed to making the world a fairer place.

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Team Event
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Team Coaching
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Team Sales
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