Team Com

We are urgently looking for volunteers to help spread our story enthusiastically. The focus is on cooperation and the search for a win-win situation.  


Do you enjoy going on the road with us, do you enjoy doing research, or would you rather cooperate in preparing dossiers for sponsors? We would love to include you in our team!  Experience is not a requirement, enthusiasm is. 


Our volunteer Caroline already makes beautiful photoreports, but we are still looking for someone who can make and/or edit video's. Interested?

"A year ago I joined OVO’s communication team as volunteer. I’m a fulltime freelance corporate photographer and I put these skills also to good use for this organisation. It’s nice to time and again take photos of enthusiastic volunteers and entrepreneurs and as such depict what OVO stands for: create cross-border collaborations! I feel the gratitude and appreciation for my work and love that I can give my all for these very valuable projects!"

Caroline Dupont

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