Ento Agro produces protein-rich animal feed based on the larvae of the black soldier fly for chickens, poultry and small livestock

100% financed
Already raised € 15.000
Requested budget 2023 € 15.000

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Project information
Project code
L13 (2022)
Agriculture & Food industry
Natitingou, northwest Benin
SusTech4Africa Benin 2022

The entreprise

Ento Agro - "All is grace" in Bassama - is a company that stems from two self-employment income-generating initiatives. The first initiative involved raising backyard poultry, while the second continued the same activity but on a more suitable domain where the agro-ecological farm Bassama was established. There, they raise a larger number of poultry and rabbits, and cultivate cereals to feed the animals, thereby reducing expenses related to food. Franck N'PO Takpara, the farm's founder, introduced the idea of producing insect larvae flour from black soldier fly larvae and high-quality fertilizer from the excrement and leftover food of the larvae.

The business project

After several years in the poultry industry, Franck N'PO Takpara decided to venture into the production of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae flour to significantly reduce the cost of animal feed. The customers for these products are numerous and diverse, including farmers, animal feed manufacturers, and agricultural and horticultural producers in the region. These buyers often face shortages of high-quality proteins and turn to the import market where the supply is limited. By offering them proteins derived from maggots cultivated with locally sourced waste, they believe they can address this protein shortage.

Why OVO believes in this project

Thanks to the regular waste collection, the project will contribute to the sanitation and cleanliness of the city. A team of permanent and temporary workers is dedicated to clearing the city of biodegradable waste to feed the BSF larvae in response to the ever-growing demand. The uniqueness of the project lies in the transformation of waste into animal feed and the enhancement of soil fertility. It provides a solution to the lack of protein-rich feed for animals. The project will improve the income of various stakeholders in the livestock sector by expanding production opportunities.

Requested investment

The idea is to increase the production capacity of the unit by providing it with the necessary equipment and resources. The loan of 15,000 Euros, facilitated by OVO at an annual interest rate of 7%, will be repaid over 3 years with quarterly interest payments and an initial capital installment after 18 months.

  • Waste recycling
  • Income generating
  • Viable

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