Smart Villages Phase 3 addresses the pre-requisite for economic and social development through solar energy and water supply

100% financed
Already raised € 30.000
Requested budget 2022 € 30.000

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Project code
W1 (2022)
Bisnabé Gandé, Senegal
Project duration
5 years
Directtrack-project 2021

The entreprise

"Smart Village" is an innovative investment concept developed by a multidisciplinary team of OVO consultants. It aims to promote the economic and social development of rural communities in isolated villages. 

The business project

Where are we now?  


1. At the site of Syer (Louga region):  

A first photovoltaic installation operational since January 2021. A dozen micro-credits granted. Start of the agroforestry project in cooperation with APAF.   


2. In Ndalla:  

Photovoltaic plant operational since mid-June 2022. Start of the first micro-credit projects September 2022. Preparation of agroforestry project - start in late 2022.  


3. In Bisnabé Gandé:

Based on a detailed questionnaire, the Senegal Hydrological Service provided a list of 5 wells (all located in the Louga area) to be considered for the Smart Village project.  

At this stage, the Bisnabé Gandé well was selected as the third site. A water tower with a capacity of 150m³ that is very well maintained.

Why OVO believes in this project

This reforestation and agroforestry program complements the social and economic aspects of the project and aims to improve resilience, working conditions and horticultural development in rural communities in the sub-Saharan region threatened by desertification and food insecurity.

Requested investment

The budget for the third project is €30,000 , details of which can be found in the business plan upon request. 75 photovoltaic panels will be installed.  


OVO will facilitate this amount at an interest rate of 6% per year, repayable over 5 years in semi-annual installments.  


The financial risk of the project remains very limited. A billing rate of 40% of the amount of water pumped to the villagers (which is considered a minimum) constitutes the break-even point and ensures repayment of the loan. Any improvement in this billing rate benefits the local population. 

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